KerestegianHead of Innovation & Design Copenhagen @ Institute of Design


“I work to empower positive impact across the intersections of people-planet, technology, and business. My approach is through leadership in strategy and design lead innovation (design thinking).

I’ve been privileged to collaborate with dozens of world-class leaders in three continents. I’ve lead the co-creation of successful products, services, and experiences for global markets across multiple industries.

As a Bcorp. company founder, individual contributor and team leader, I’ve helped develop and deploy positive impact with highly influential organizations including Microsoft, LEGO, Latin American governments, as well as start-ups and NGO’s from Silicon Valley to Patagonia.

I’m an infinitely curious life-long learner, passionate thought leader, and pro-active maker. I deploy a relentless quest for insights and opportunities to improve our collective human experience.

I help manifest measurable value and positive impact through future-proof strategies implemented in smart and meaningful life-centered solutions that are feasible, viable and are people and planet positive.”