Raul Popa
Raul Popa
CEO & Data Scientist @ Typing DNA


Entrepreneur, generalist, problem solver, idea person, AI geek, UX focused, full stack developer, social psychologist, husband, father and believer.

Cofounded multiple startups, launched and grew a number of projects that reached millions of users and serious MRR without any investment. Passionate about ML, UX, and developer-first businesses. I became obsessed with AI/ML when it wasn’t cool and I believe AI can truly improve our lives and create unimaginable new opportunities.

After working on a number of pattern recognition problems I decided to dedicate myself to the cause of bringing typing biometrics to the world. Typing biometrics is among the most underestimated technologies today. It can significantly improve everyone’s security without affecting user experience and without relying on limited proprietary hardware and sensors.