Nansi Lungu

Nansi Lungu

Consumers Behaviour Coordinator @ Bitdefender


Coordinator of the Department of Consumer’s Psychology within the company Bitdefender and Lecturer at Titu Maiorescu University, as well as founder of the Behavioural Insights Team, I am a behavioral analyst and trainer with an interdisciplinary background (cognitive science, logic and philosophy).

My scientific training cover applied psychology, evolutionary psychology and the theory of limited rationality. With a varied experience in the area of education, I worked on the development of educational mechanism which take into consideration the limitations of psychological profiling, as well as limitations of understanding human behavior.

Within the companies I am working for, I developed a series of programs of professional and educational training, as well as advertising campaigns, which have as starting point considerations upon different types of behavior and their evolutionary justification.

My interests run from the examination of the way in which we make decisions, of incalculability and undecidable systems, and cognitive errors, to the study of the role of self-delusion in daily-life, as well as studies on emotion, consciousness and motivation.