Alexandru Paduraru

Alexandru Paduraru

Co-Founder Creative Tim

Alex is a 27 year old entrepreneur who has a master degree in Software Engineering and started his company (Creative Tim) 5 years ago.

He was doing web development, web design in the beginning and then he switched to “business mode” in order to grow the company.

Creative Tim is a startup where they create and license Web Development tools like UI Kits and Dashboards for developers. At this moment they have over 510.000 web developers around the world using their products in more than 1 million websites. The tools that they built are used in small personal projects, in large internal applications in companies like CISCO, Orange, Vodafone, Amazon, AT&T or in universities like Stanford, Harvard and MIT.

Alex used a lot of growth hackings to double the revenue, number of users and website’s traffic each year since 2013. The business is 100% bootstrapped.