Are you a full-stack developer or just at the beginning? You want to test how you can work under pressure or with a tight deadline? Then MegaHack is the right place for you.

You should not miss it if:

  • you have it in you to rise up to the moment  and solve one of the challenges Vodafone brings
  • you always wanted to make a difference with your programming skills and ideas
  • you want to meet other open minded people, win some prizes and have fun

Promenada Mall 22 – 23.09.2018 8am – 4pm (24H NonStop)Add to Calendar
09/22/2018 08:00 AM
09/23/2018 04:00 PM
Mega hack at Techfest Bucharest
Promenada Mall – Bucharest

Here, you can try new things and test new solutions – based on, you guessed, real challenges, offered by real companies. Your effort will not go unnoticed.

An all weekend long challenge-driven hackathon where you can develop and share your own ideas based on current industry projects. Gather your team and develop solutions to the challenges we bring, try out the exhibiting demos and chat with fellow programmers!

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NOTE: Registration if free!

Everyone needs to register individually. Teams will be made at the location, during the event.



1. Pe baza unei liste a stocurilor de telefoane din managazinele Vodafone si coordonatelor Vodafone din Bucuresti, sa se dezvolte o functionalitate peste shoping cart-ul website-ului Vodafone  care sa permita identificarea celui mai apropiat magazin care are in stoc telefonul respectiv, precum si o functionalitate care sa ofere indicatii de orientare pentru a ajunge la magazinul respectiv.

2. Creați o aplicatie care să permita la semnarea la distanță a contractelor cu certificarea identității clientului. Functionalitatile trebuie sa includa identificarea facial, scanarea ocr a buletinului si, pe baza acestora, certificarea identitatii.

3. Construiți o aplicație de augmented reality prin care clientul să-și poată compara (virtual) telefonul propriu cu orice alt telefon disponibil pe piata (functionalitatea trebuie demonstrate prin compararea cu minim 5 telefoane). Comparatia trebuie sa permita vizualizarea dimensiunilor 360º, a marimii ecranului si a pozitionarii butoanelor / camerei. Culorile si materialul trebuie reprezentate realist.

4. Sa se construiasca o aplicatie care sa permita unei persoane aflate in orice punct de vanzare retail sa identifice un produs (telefon mobil) aflat pe raft si sa returneze pagina din magazinul Vodafane care contine respectivul produs. Identificarea trebuie sa fie posibila atat prin intermediul procesarii imaginii respectivului telefon cat si prin procesarea codului de bare.


1. How to tackle smog in the cities with new technologies.

2. How to empower Public Authorities to support innovation ecosystem in order to promote entrepreneurship.


  • 1st Place – 5000 euro
  • 2nd Place – 3000 euro
  • 3rd Place – 2000 euro

Getting there:

– From North Railway station (ro – “Gara de Nord”):

Take metro M1 to “Piata Victoriei” station and then metro M2 to “Aurel Vlaicu” station;

Walk along Soseaua Pipera and turn right at Strada Barbu Vacarescu;

– From “Henri Coanda” international airport:

Take the bus 783 to “Aeroportul Baneasa” station;

Walk along Soseaua Bucuresti-Ploiesti and turn left on Bulevardul Aerogarii;

Take bus 112 from “Soseaua Bucuresti-Ploiesti” station to “Aurel Vlaicu” station;

Walk along Soseaua Pipera and turn right at Strada Barbu Vacarescu;



8am – 10am welcoming attendees

10am – 12pm opening ceremony

12pm – “hacking” starts

12pm – 1pm lunch is served

2pm – 7pm sponsoring companies workshops

7pm – 8pm dinner is served

12am – 1am midnight meal is served


8am – 9am breakfast is served

12pm “hacking” stops

12pm – 1pm lunch is served

2pm – 4pm closing ceremony


I’m not much of a programmer, should I still come?
If you’re new to programming, a hackathon is the best place for you to go to. We’ll have mentors on-site ready to assist you with whatever problem you face.
How much does it cost?
Tickets are completely free, thanks to our generous sponsors.
Who can attend?

Any student or professional, being at least 18 years old.

How large can teams be?

You may team up with up to seven other people, to be eligible for prizes. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a team, we’ll help you form one at the event.

Where do I register my team?

At the time of submitting your project during the event, we will ask for your team’s details.

Who owns the right to the project made during the event?
You and your team have full ownership over what you develop during the hackathon.
Will there be food?
Yes, we will be serving all meals and have snacks and beverages during the event.
What should I bring?
Don’t forget your laptop, chargers, toiletries, medicines and anything you think would make you comfortable during the weekend!
Where can I find the challenges?

The challenges will be released closer to the event, and we will send you a reminder email for the date. They have limited spots, designated over a first-come first-served basis. Once a challenge filled its assigned spots, we will make it unavailable to register at.

What happens if I don’t choose a challenge?
We will use the information provided by you in the registration form to assign you to one of the challenges according to the number of spots available.


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