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Welcome to Vodafone’s Megahack by TechFest

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Megahack Agenda

8am – 10am registration
10am – 12pm opening ceremony
12pm –  hacking kick-off
12pm – 1pm lunch
7pm – 8pm dinner
12am – 1am midnight snack 

8am – 9am breakfast
12pm hacking stops
12pm – 1pm lunch
2pm – 3pm team presentation
3pm – 4pm jury deliberation
4pm – 4.30pm closing ceremony

NOTE: Registration is free!
Everyone needs to register individually. Teams will be made at the location, during the event.

Are you a full-stack developer or just at the beginning? You want to test how you can work under pressure or with a tight deadline? Then MegaHack is the right place for you.

Here, you can try new things and test new solutions – based on, you guessed, real challenges, offered by real companies. Your effort will not go unnoticed.

An all weekend long challenge-driven hackathon where you can develop and share ideas. Gather your team and develop solutions to the challenges we bring, try out the exhibiting demos and chat with fellow programmers!

Here are the two challenges this year!


1. Chatbot app


Nowadays, when it comes to interact with a support channel, customers are expecting to have 24/7 support and to receive a quick and a personalized response to their problems. 

More and more people are using messaging apps. In 2018, around 2 billion people are estimated to use messaging apps which makes the messaging one of the preferred communication channel of customers.


Your mission is to create a chatbot that is improving the customer interaction with a support channel.

The chatbot can be built however you’d like (chat, character, voice assistant, Facebook, Twitter feed) but it should be more than a simple bot. It must interact with the users and create a remarkable experience.

2. AR Assistant


It can be stressful buying a new a smartphone as a high end device may cost over 700 EUR. Customers may spend many hours reading articles and reviews on the internet before deciding what device they should buy.

Augmented reality (AR) enhance the physical experience by combining the real-world environment with computer-generated content that enables the users to explore products in-depth.


Your mission is to build an AR Assistant to help the users easily compare their smartphone with any other phone available on the market.

The app should allow the user:

– to search for a device or to identify it by using the phone camera

– to visualize a 360o image of the target device

– to get additional information about the smartphone (i.e. technical specs, price, users reviews & rating, recommend price plan etc) while visualizing the product in the app.

– to visually compare 2 different devices

– to see how the device fits into his/her hand.

Beside the above features we are encouraging you to imagine new ways of helping the user to better explore the device of interest.


  • Develop a solution to minimise the social cost of energy transition in coal-dependent regions

Introducing new energy policies can meet social resistance – people are worried about their workplaces and local economy.

In your solution, take into account the pool of knowledge/skills of the established working force.

– Transform a public transport in Cluj into a smart one

New technologies have reached public transport – clean transport, smart traffic management systems and in the future even autonomous vehicles.

While finding a solution, take into consideration the local boundary conditions.

– Create a solution to improve waste management to encourage a circular economy

What should be a priority in your city/region and how to achieve it?

– Empower local action into circular economy and progress towards a smart city

What elements are crucial in society’s action plan to become a partner in this area?  What habits are the most harmful? Which topic should be a target for social campaigns and how should the campaign itself look like to be efficient?


  • Develop a smart city app, that helps connect citizens and local institutions, reducing friction in their interactions. The city hall will be hosting a workshop to brainstorm ideas and have this be a collective endevour.

Register Free

NOTE: Registration is free!
Everyone needs to register individually. Teams will be made at the location, during the event.