Marius Vetrici

Marius Vetrici
Marius Vetrici

CEO @ WPRiders


Marius is a software engineer with a Ph.D. in business informatics and an MSc in Project Management. As a software entrepreneur, during the last 15 years, he has served more than 1000 small, medium and large companies to achieve their online business goals.

Besides business, Marius loves to be part of or to lead volunteering projects. Currently, Marius is the host and co-organizer of Bucharest WordPress Meetup, has 1200+ members meetup and is part of the organizing team at WordCamp Bucharest.

His first encounter with WordPress dates back to 2008 as an entrepreneurship blogger. In 2015 after one year of freelancing, he scaled up his WordPress business and now he’s leading a team of 10 people at WPRiders, a technical WordPress agency. The agency is a supporter of meetups and WordCamps around the world, including WordCamp Europe 2017, WordCamp Bucharest 2017 and ongoing Bucharest WordPress Meetup sponsor.

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