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What if we told you there is a tech event that embraces the summery feeling of a festival? Where you can gain knowledge, meet like minded people and speakers who transformed the course of history, and on top of that have fun. Would you believe us?

This is where TechFest comes in – we are the cool, urban festival, dedicated to digital professionals. We are focusing on helping you share knowledge, build new connections and enjoy technology. We are a festival built with the IT communities, but not only for them.

TechFest was launched in the chilly autumn of 2016 in Cluj-Napoca, aiming to connect startups with corporates, aficionados with professionals, communities with the city council, communities with communities.

It was designed to be an umbrella festival that lasts for 10 days. Plenty of full days or how we like to call them, stages, were designed – Tech Talks, a conference that later rebranded to TechJam, Smart City Forum, Transylvania Demo Day, Transylvania MegaHack, Gaming Night, CodeCamp and ABSL Business Mixer talks, Tech Open Days, Tech Industry Awards, which had an attendance of over 3,000 people and ExpoTech, which had over 100,000 visitors.

Since the 2016 edition was such a resounding success, for the second edition we put on our binoculars and searched for new seas to sail. Thus, beside Cluj-Napoca, for 2017 we chose to host TechFest in Timișoara and in Iași, where together we had over 6,000 attendants and over 200,000 visitors at ExpoTech.

To mention few of the highlights: in Timișoara, it was the first time, at Innovation Awards, where la creme du la creme of tech was reunited under the same roof. At Iași, in premiere, Beard Giant Games brought their latest game, Ebony Spire and other VR Games. Both in Cluj-Napoca and Iași, we have given away two electric scooters, and also in Cluj-Napoca, we had the biggest hackathon with smart soulutions for real challenges.

It is needless to say that they were also a success. This is why, for 2018 we are aiming bigger – 1 festival, 4 cities. And this time we’re coming to Bucharest as well.

What we have prepared for this year?

*The festival vibe – bullet

*XPO Tech

*Digital Transformers Conference

*Innovation Camp Workshop

*Venture Lab Pitching Event

*TechJam on BlockChain

*TechJam on Deep Data

*TechJam on Java


*Gaming Night

…all these for four days, between 20th-24th of September. Only in Bucharest.

Afterwards, we plan to conquer again Iași, Cluj-Napoca and Timișoara.

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